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John Hill
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All I can say is if you want a personal trainer based in Birmingham that is genuine, kind and non judgmental then John is the personal trainer for you, don't even give it a second thought, just do it, I promise from my heart you wont ever regret it.

Starting weight 24/06/2013: 214 Pounds, 29/11/2013: 168 pounds!

Claire Keet, Birmingham

Who else wants results like this?

Maybe you're sick and tired of jumping from useless diets to yo-yo fat loss fads... or if you're frustrated STRUGGLING to lose fat and keep it off for good, only to discover you've gained it all back just a few days later??

Maybe you need help from a personal trainer who has been there??

One day in 2005 I leaned over to do my shoe laces up and was out of breath when I stood back up. I was DISGUSTED with myself and made a commitment to change! As you can see, 71 pounds later, here I am! I changed my life and became a personal trainer based in Birmingham to help others do the same.

Please click on my services to see how I looked when I was overweight!

So what did I do next? I literally spent THOUSANDS of pounds and countless hours learning all the information I could on losing weight and keeping it off for good. I eventually found my purpose as a personal trainer

What I found was AMAZING! You don't need quick fix unhealthy diets or silly machines to get in great shape. All you need is your own body and support from a personal trainer who has been there and done it.

Why I Chose To Be A Fitness Professional

I opted for the 6 weeks, two sessions a week package and couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I lost 14 pounds in weight and about 3% body fat.

Mark Gibson, Birmingham

Helping people in Birmingham is my main goal as a personal trainer. My mission is to support everyday folk to get into great shape, shed excess weight and feel good about themselves. My clients have been delighted with my service and I am proud to be Birmingham's most highly rated personal trainer on Google as well. I pride myself on service and not hype.

You can see what my personal training clients say about me by clicking here too.

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Non-Interesting Fact About Me

I am a published poet, I had a poem published in a book when I was 10.

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"Just Turn Up"

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