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John Hill Personal Trainer and client
John Hill
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Who else wants results like this?

Let's start with some questions!

Are You....

  • Lacking Fitness Motivation?
  • Sick of your clothes not fitting the way that they should (or used to)
  • Sick of Yo-Yo dieting and being hungry all the time?
  • Getting Frustrated That You Aren't Seeing Weight Loss Results?

If this sounds like you, then I can help! My name is John Hill S.A.C Dip (Diet & Nutrition) I am one of Birmingham's leading personal trainers and weight loss experts. I am also a certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

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Here is what I can do for you
  • Provide a mobile service so you don't need to join a gym or even leave the house.
  • Work with you 1:1 on all areas of your diet and habits.
  • Provide you will a real food diet system with recipes, daily planners and shopping lists.
  • Help you get that health and fitness mindset so this fits around your life with minimal effort.

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Why I Chose To Be A Fitness Professional

One day in 2005 I leaned over to do my shoe laces up and was out of breath when I stood back up. I was DISGUSTED with myself and made a commitment to change! As you can see, 71 pounds later, here I am! I changed my life and became a personal trainer and weight loss coach.

Helping people in Birmingham is my main goal as a personal trainer. My mission is to support everyday folk to get into great shape, shed excess weight and feel good about themselves. My clients have been delighted with my service and I pride myself on service and not hype.

To start your fitness journey, simply fill out the orange box above to arrange your FREE consultation

Non-Interesting Fact About Me

I am a published poet, I had a poem published in a book when I was 10.

Personal Motto

"Just Turn Up"

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