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My Personal Training Testimonials

  • I have had about six personal training sessions with John now. He is a great motivator, because you can tell he really loves personal training and knows what he's talking about. He always turns up for our personal training sessions in a cheerful mood which is really helpful in making the personal training sessions enjoyable, and he uses a wide range of fitness programs so it doesn't get boring. I've learned a lot about diet and nutrition from John, and I'm learning to change my habits slowly rather than go on yet another crash diet. He always tailors our personal training sessions to how energetic I'm feeling that day and tells me not to give up or beat myself up if I go off track occasionally, which is great for motivation. I'd recommend John as personal trainer to anyone who wants to get into fitness and enjoy doing so!

    Sarah Flanagan, Birmingham

  • John Hill changed my life. No, actually that's not strong enough, My personal trainer John transformed my life. I've lost over two and a half stone having personal training with John in a balanced and sustainable manner and feel great for it. My goal is to reach my target weight in the next six months and believe with the success I've enjoyed so far in my personal training sessions that this will happen.

    Wayne Horkan, Birmingham

  • I'm very interested in fitness and diet and contacted a personal trainer as I wanted to find out how I could get better weight loss results before my summer holiday and tone around the tummy and hip area. John devised me a more strategic eating and weight loss plan recommending to cut down on certain foods in my diet and also a workout using an effective weight training programme. I am getting fantastic results already after 3 weeks and I would highly recommend John as a personal trainer to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.

    Claire Swinscoe, Sedgley

  • I haven't been working with John for very long, but I can already see and feel a huge difference in my fitness and my physique. John knows how to get the best out of me and I feel amazing after each session. John is a professional and punctual personal trainer and a good laugh to boot. I hate gyms and John has shown me it is possible and very easy to lose weight and keep fit in the comfort of your own home. I would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer.

    Steve Henton, Birmingham

  • John became my personal trainer as I am about to go to china for a cycle challenge, I felt I needed some extra help to get me a lot fitter than I am, John is always punctual and a very professional personal trainer,working with John has improved my general fitness and I am now certain I will get up those hills faster than I would of if I hadnt had John helping me on my way, I would recommend John as a personal trainer to any one who wants to get fit and enjoy doing so

    Maureen Kemp, Birmingham

  • I booked a month of training with John and I was so glad he offered me advice about my diet he made the personal training sessions enjoyable and fun and most of all he inspired me in a way that even I was so dedicated and for the first time since I can remember. I started to eat right, having a balanced diet and exercising properly and within 7 weeks I had lost a stone in weight. The information that he had provided showed me that the foods that i thought were healthy turned out to be the wrong foods to be eating. John is always on time very punctual provides a friendly and motivating service. He's always there if I have any questions or problems .He helped me within a month to do what I couldnt do on my own in 12 months. So no I' m not a Hollywood star im a normal working mother with 5 kids a hectic lifestyle and a personal trainer who has helped me with my weight loss and my lifestyle changes. So am I glad I chose John over a faddy diet? Yes because he has made me realise that yes I can do it i just needed a little help to go in the right direction. John is an amazing personal trainer who knows what hes talking about he makes each session fun and I'm never bored, I look forward to each session and I can honestly say that I enjoy working out thanks to John.

    Veera Mohan, Oldbury

  • I made a call to John as my many previous attempts at losing weight ended up right back where I started. I wanted to lose weight and get control of my life back. John came and met me and immediately I valued his expertise and professionalism. Working with John has had countless benefits, the main benefit being the change in my approach to food and exercise and the fact that my children can now benefit from a healthier role model, rather than a couch potato mother and someone to share a pack of crisps with. My whole family are learning from my experiences with John. He has motivated me to take the first steps in my journey, which is enlightening, challenging and rewarding. I am 1lb off reaching my first stone with about 5 more to go, but I know that with John working with me as my personal trainer I can reach this goal. John has done more than give me a workout, he has provided me with really useful and helpful nutritional knowledge which has really helped me. John does not judge, he understands. When I reach my goal, I will know it is me that achieved the goal - but I will also know that without John as my personal trainer I would never have taken to necessary steps to reach it. To anyone reading this who feels powerless and out of control, give him a call - he will help you realise your worth, potential and abilities. Thank you John..

    Maria Healy , Solihull

  • Not normally given to writing reviews, I have to make the exception and recommend John Hill very highly to anyone looking for the services of a personal trainer. Working long and irregular hours, client socialising, sitting in a car or in front of a PC for hours, enjoying large portions of (often unhealthy) food, and having a soft spot for a nice glass of wine while lying in front of the TV is the mountain John had to climb when I realised I had to 'outsource' some discipline back into my life. My mandate to him 6 months ago was to lose 2 stone in that time, so that I'm in a better place to participate in my small boy's active life as he grows up. He has achieved that by only 2 hourly sessions a week. What's amazing though is that goal now seems completely irrelevant, as my outlook on so many things has improved so markedly. At 37 I'm probably in the best shape I've ever been, have loads more energy, feel more positive, and shockingly don't even breathe in when in front of the mirror anymore! John is flexible around your schedule, always alternates your work out to keep you guessing/interested, helps plan REALISTIC dietary changes, and keeps you motivated with the carrot instead of the stick. My fiancée also took part with me for the first 3 months until advanced pregnancy, and that also worked very well despite two very different physiques, so consider that option too if you need a friend/partner to take the first step. Now my 6 months is up, I feel I've just started, and so have no intention of stopping now. The best move I've ever made for my well being and future.

    Kris , Birmingham

  • I got in touch with John after having several years of the usual joining gyms and never going. Straight away after the first meeting with John he gave me a whole new angle on how to look at fitness and general health. I have now been with John for 3 months and wonder why I never took the step earlier. John is a truly professional personal trainer and now a friend.

    Jason Shaw, Cradley Heath

  • I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you to you for your boot camp sessions and all the extra advice. Coming to your boot camp sessions, meeting great people and listening to your good advice has given me a new outlook on health and fitness. I am looking forward and staying positive about my future and embracing a new way of living and hopefully being able to continue with the boot camp exercise as well as changing my eating habits and improving my nutrition. We are half way through and I am really enjoying the early morning work outs and having lots of fun too. So once again thank you and keep up the good work your an inspiration.

    Rachel Thomas, Birmingham

  • Thank you John for motivating me and for increasing my levels of fitness. I have really enjoyed the challenge and not only have the sessions changed my shape but also changed my way of thinking and approach to fitness and healthy eating. After each session I have started the day with real energy. These sessions are great for everybody and really make a difference. Your sense of humour helps too!

    Natalie Roberts, Birmingham

  • Thank you John, you' re an inspiration, it has helped knowing that you yourself lost five stone, rather than being one of these naturally slim people who dont really need to try with their weight. I have really enjoyed the bootcamp experience and I am sad that at present I am unable to continue with it. I do however intend to join the gym at work and keep up the good work that with your help I have started, whilst doing bootcamp, I know my body shape has changed loads and I have lost inches. Thank you again for all your help and support. Keep me informed if you do start a bootcamp in the Wolverhampton area, Id love to join you again.

    Claire Neale , Wolverhampton

  • John is an A1 Personal Trainer. I have been going to John's boot camp at Calthorpe Park for 8 weeks and I have lost 8 pounds and 4 inches. John keeps you motivated and each session is different so you are working your entire body, and it is fun too. I would definitely recommend John to anyone in the Birmingham area who are looking for either a personal trainer or they want to take part in a team boot cam

    Michelle Lowe, Birmingham

  • Highly recommend this personal trainer !, I have been going to John's Birmingham based boot camp for six weeks and I have lost an incredible 11 pounds! John provides great diet advice and I would recommend to anyone in Birmingham looking for a personal trainer or boot camp. John is fun and brings tons of energy to each session.

    Joleen Carter, Birmingham

  • John has been great at kick starting a healthy routine which focusses on nutrition as well as exercise to get long term benefits. He incorporates varied and challenging routines for each session - have definately noticed a difference in shape and energy levels. The early starts were worth it (just about!!).

    Nazia Fazal, Birmingham

  • John is an excellent trainer who mixes up the training sessions to suit what your needs are and what your like are. He pushes you and is very encouraging and positive. I also found he went the extra mile by giving extra tips on losing weight such as the importance of sleep and diet.

    Anna Heffernan, Birmingham

  • John is an amazing Birmingham personal trainer! He pushes you without being pushy but through encouragement and knowledge. He has helped me see how a good diet is really the basis for everything. I feel like I have finally turned a corner. Eating better than I ever have and feeling better than I have for a long long time. John is such a great personal fitness trainer because he understands how hard it can be but he is prepared to support you all the way. With John it is about the long term and lifestyle change instead of the quick fix which is great.John is very flexible around your schedule, always professional and really friendly. I always enjoy our personal training sessions and know that just knowing John is coming will make me put in extra effort with everything else.I know I have a long journey ahead but knowing John is there to help me makes me feel like I can make it.Thanks so much John I couldn't do it without you

    Jenny Goldie, Walsall

  • I very much enjoyed the Boot camps. After a few months I have noticed reduced stress levels, increase fitness and increase tone. The group fitness was fun and motivating and I would whole fully recommend joining

    Tas, Birmingham

  • John is highly motivational and very positive . I was a real unfit novice and he worked with me in a way that I was always challenged and trying out new exercises. Sessions were always varied and fun. I'd highly recommend him to anyone particularly if you have a busy lifestyle as he tries to be flexible and accommodate you as much a possible. The only reason I have stopped is due to finances but if that changes in the future I will definitely be back!

    Caroline Evans, Halesowen

  • I would definatly recommend John as a personal fitness trainer, i have been attending his outdoor bootcamp sessions for about 8 months, As a personal trainer, he can conduct group training in classes and one to one personal training. I have lost 1 stone & 4 lbs since training with John and i have seen such significant change in my cardiovascular fitness and body shape. I find the sessions are always enjoyable as John introduces new exercises so they do not become monotonous and provides excellent advice on diet and nutrition so you can maximise your work out sessions. To anyone who is considering personal training i would definitely recommend John he is highly motivational and very dedicated. I feel healthier, more energised and raring to get back for the next session. Keep up the good work :-)

    Sevin Hudson, Birmingham

  • I have been training with personal trainer John since March 2011 at the outdoor boot camp in Calthorpe Park, Birmingham. Having previously been an avid gym goer, I was starting to get bored of doing the same things. Boot camp is definitely a more fun, varied and effective alternative to the gym. The exercises in each session vary, so you don't get bored and John's expert personal trainer knowledge means that while demonstrating an exercise he explains why we are doing it and what muscles it works. I leave each session feeling I've had a good, full-body work out. I really enjoy the outdoor aspect of the sessions, it's so refreshing to be outside, rather than inside a stuffy gym! I would definitely recommend John's outdoor boot camp top anyone in the Birmingham area, whether they are new to exercise or not. Keep up the good work John!

    Laura Anderson, Birmingham

  • I have been training with John - Personal trainer for the past 6 weeks. I started at 80kg + and lost 9lbs in six weeks. However at the time I had my first consultation with John before we started the programme, I was completely unfit and tired and I had been looking very run down. After the 6 weeks I have regained my confidence and feel excellent about myself and I have the energy to achieve my goals. I have decided to go for another 6 weeks.John is an excellent personal trainer. He motivates you with ease and doesn't create any pressure on you, but somehow he gets you to achieve your goals. His training methods are excellent and each training session is worth 5 trips to the gym. Keep up the fantastic work are a great trainer !!

    Shiraz Peer, Birmingham

  • I've been attending outdoor boot camp sessions in Birmingham with John for almost 9 months now, and am really pleased with the results. John makes each session different which prevents a lot of the boredom that can come from attending classes or going to the gym. His knowledge as a personal trainer means that he explains exactly where each exercise targets, and the sessions are tailored to fit your needs. John is really motivating during the sessions, pushing you to work hard. I always feel like I've had a much better workout after boot camp than a session at the gym! John also offers excellent nutritional advice that is easy to follow, which has meant that I've not only changed the way I exercise, but I've also changed my diet too. I would definitely recommend John to anyone looking for a personal trainer or an outdoor boot camp in the Birmingham area.

    Lyndsay Sheedy, Birmingham

  • I've been attending John's boot camp sessions since March 2011 now based at Calthorpe Park. In the 8 months that I've been attending the 'early bird' 6.00am sessions, I can honestly say that although personally I've not lost any physical weight, my body shape has and is changing, being more toned and more importantly to me, flexible. Every session is different and challenging but leaves you with a fantastic 'high' for the day! Not only do you get a great work out, but you also get an education in diet and thought provoking life style options. My motivation to get moving is because of John's enthusiasm for fitness, along with his encouragement, knowledge and advice from his own personal experience. Forget the gym – get outside and get moving with John!

    Lisa Clarke, Birmingham

  • If I was to summarise John, I would have to say he is very passionate about his job, professional, knowledgable and has a growing appetite to increase his ability to make a difference to people's lives. Having John as a personal trainer meant that he kept me motivated, made my sessions fun and interactive and most of all gave me the experiences of particular exercises that I never would have attempted to do. John has the flexibility to train with you where you feel most comfortable and always makes you feel great after a long, hard stressful day at work. He always greets you with a smile and his bubbly personality gets you into the exercise spirit very quickly. I would recommend John as I certainly benefitted in improving my knowledge about healthy eating and well being. Thank you John!

    Nari Kaur, Birmingham

  • I would highly recommend John as a personal trainer. He is patient, motivating and passionate about what he does. In all of the personal training sessions I felt supported and I feel a lot fitter from working with John. Again, I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to increase their fitness level, lose weight and increase stamina

    Moussa Namih, Birmingham

  • Im in my early 40's and have been into cycling and running all my life. When I hit my 30's the weight started to accumulate around my midrift and despite all the exercise and faddy diets I tried, it still would not shift. After reading an article by John, I decided to give him and personal training a try. Smart Move! After a thorough consultation we decided on a suitable program and diet plan. I took to this instantly and in 4 weeks I have gone from a 36" waist to a 33" and its still dropping off. My weight has not significantly changed but my shape definetly has which I am delighted with. Johns enthusiasm and knowledge during training is a real motivation and every session is both varied and exciting. My girlfriend has now signed up with John after seeing my results. Basically, you cant go wrong with John.......

    Wayne Bull, Tipton

  • Starting personal training with John was the best investment I made into my health and fitness. He made the exercise fun and enjoyable which increased my fitness levels immensely. John is a fantastic person as well as being a fantastic personal trainer. His knowledge of the body blows me away! I highly recommend John as he is a personal trainer that really cares for his clients and gets the results you want.

    Gurpreet , Rickmansworth

  • John is not the first personal trainer in Birmingham I've worked with but he is definitely the best. Punctual, passionate and extremely knowledgable. I'd say the difference between John and other personal trainers is the way he looks at motivation, nutrition & diet, drive & weight loss goals and quite frankly if that's not what you need you may as well get a DVD! I don't think we have ever done the same fitness workout twice and I PROMISE you won't ever get bored!! The coaching work that john does is brilliant and gave me the confidence to make some very brave decisions! This isn't just a job for him and its an absolute pleasure to recommend him as a personal fitness trainer.

    Kelly Kirby, Birmingham

  • AMAZING!! Initially I was a bit unsure about having a personal trainer but it has turned out to be a great decision as I feel fitter, healthier and motivated. I had previously tried the gym but felt uncomfortable, having the sessions at home is great as they can fit around my day to day life. Also each session is completely different. Thanks to John after 4 weeks I have lost 9lb and my energy levels are rocketing.

    Michelle Jeffers, Birmingham

  • I have been attending John's outdoor boot-camp's for 8 months. They are absolutely brilliant! Each one is so different and fun. I've experienced personal training session's before and have often left feeling no different!! John has passion! His passion is what makes John shine as a personal trainer, it's what gives you the drive to achieve the results you want. I don't just feel different, I think differently about things ie: food, habits and exercising. Through his knowledge and enthusiasm I have been able to do this. I would highly recommend John's Outdoor Boot-camp's and 1-1's....just brilliant!!

    Rachel Hughes, Birmingham

  • i was looking for a personal trainer in birmingham,i found john hill who has helped me change my life,i have personal training once a week and also attended johns bootcamp.i started in the middle of january 2012 and have so far lost just over 5st,john has helped me through the tough times and has gave me good advice and the results have shown this.a massive thanks to john i couldnt have done it without his help and great support!

    Hayley Keeble , Birmingham

  • If your looking for inspiration, motivation, and above all perspiration in your life, John is the perfect personal trainer to point you in the right direction. John is always punctual, upbeat, and has the ability to turn a frown upside down - just what you need after a hard day. On a serious note, its not an exaggeration to say that John has changed both mine and my partners life. I started my personal training sessions with John, feeling fat, lethargic, and with very low self-esteem, following the birth of my son. I was stuck in a dieting rut and had given up on myself and on making an effort to look even half decent. After seeing the amazing results that my boyfriend achieved with John in just 3 weeks, I too decided it was time to feel healthier, more energetic, and more worthy. I have just completed my first 6 week taster course with John and I can honestly say it has been the best decision I made, to invest in myself and to invest in John. Previously I was a size 14 and weighed 12 stone 6lb, and I have now lost 14lb and shrunk to a comfortable size 12 in just under 6 weeks. I have also not felt the usual hunger pains that you usually get with faddy diets. By implimenting a few small changes under the extremely knowledgeable guidance from, I have found this a fairly simple and very enjoyable process to embark upon. We can honestly say we look forward to our varied training sessions and the wonderful insight into the world of nutrition and healthy living. Keep up the good work John, long may our journey continue

    Hayley Dawson, Tipton

  • Being very unhappy with my body since having my little boy I decided to join Johns biggest loser challenge and it changed my life, I loved the diet plan and bootcamp. John is an inspiration to anyone who wants to loose weight and become healthy. He's fantastic at what he does and is always there for that extra bit of support and advice when you need it most. I would and have recommended him to everybody I know that would benefit from all his help. And I like to say a huge Thank you to him for helping me loose 11lb and 2 inches in 6 weeks :).

    Verity Davis, Tipton

  • It's difficult to know where to start... , now I'm not talking about this review, I'm talking about the whole journey of sensible eating, consistent weight loss, getting the results you've only dreamed about. I was there, I was in that place, feeling depressed about being fat, having little or no energy all of the time, checking the scales each week to find nothing has changed, clothes with labels still attached because 'one day it will fit me' but it never does! If your reading this and at sounds like you've written it yourself then John is the man for you, don't sit there thinking you'll give it another couple of weeks because nothing will change, you need to pick up the phone today and speak to John, it will be the most important phone call of your life and I'm not kidding. John gets to know you as a person, for who you are, the things you like to do and what you don't like, you get a real personal, professional service. The key things that stick out in my mind are that John knows his stuff, 100%, training 1 on 1, in groups, hundreds of different exercises, a vast knowledge of nutritional information that you won't believe, and it all works. John is motivational, he can pick you up when your at rock bottom, he's inspirational, he's been there on this journey himself, experienced, he's been helping people like you and me for years, he's enthusiastic about everything, you wait until you've lost your first stone, believe me it's just around the corner and John will be with you every step of the way with encouragement and advice. John loves what he does with a real passion and that's not because it's his job, it's because he is fantastic at what he does and sees the results in people, you will understand how passionate he is and what I'm talking about when you meet him.... I used to have 1 on 1 sessions with John but now attend his bootcamp sessions regularly, I feel like a changed person. I lost that first stone in 6 weeks, 3 inches off my waist, I am happier, I have more confidence, those clothes I referred too have lost the tags, I feel amazing, I look forward to every training session because I can see that it's working. John has changed my life, now it's time to let him change yours.

    Rob Smirthwaite, Birmingham

  • If u want to loose weight this is your man!!! True inspiration to everyone he meets. Kind caring and always has time to chat about anything. I have now lost 31 pound and got my sugar levels to normal!! This is thanks to John. His attitude and fun character makes u want to work out! Thanks John you are the man.

    Emma Louise, Cradley Heath

  • I have been using john as my personal trainer at my home for 4 weeks today on the initial visit we discussed my goals and how we were going to reach them, 4 weeks later I have smashed the goals we had set, due to johns knowlage and motivation skills there has never been a question he cant answer he gets the best and most out of his clients, I have used gyms for many many years and had to do so many more hours and not get the results I do with john, all work outs are enjoyable, he has also helped me with my bad eating habbits, I now feel better than I ever have I would reccomend john to any one looking to get into shape no matter how experienced or unexperienced you may be or what your personal goals may be.

    Adrian Whittaker, Rowley Regis

  • I had a personal trainer before I met John and I wasn't meeting my goals. I was 13 stone when I first started with this previous company and the lowest I lost in 8 months was 8lbs. I was getting frustrated and was thinking this wasn't working for me. I was introduced to John by my friends Hayley and Wayne who had been training with John for a few weeks. I contacted John who came to visit me. John came down and discussed he's training program with me and more importantly asked what my goals were and over what time I wanted to achieve these goals. After a half an hour consultation I thoughts were 'bring on the challenge and let the fitness begin'. During my consultation with John I set my set a goal to lose 6lbs in 6 weeks and I achieved this. My one to one sessions with John were intense but very enjoyable and I felt like I'd actually done some work. I started feeling great after my 1st week and now I feel loads better. I'm able to get into my clothes comfortably and I get praises from friemds about the weight loss and looking good. I also joined John with a 6 week 'Biggest Loser Challenge' and it was great. Bootcamps were so much fun and the classes were brill. Having lost nearly a stone in feel great and attend bootcamp sessions at least 4 times a week. John also gives very good advice about food and set me up with a diet plan which was great. I am determined to get into shape. I would strongly recommened John to those that want to lose weight or shape up - defo. Thanks John.

    Bal Sanghera, Tipton

  • Since I met John at his boot camp I knew he was the person who could help me with my training and weight loss goals. His honest realistic and enthusiastic approach has helped me go beyond what I thought was possible. More than just training John has supported me with managing my nutrition, motivation and thought processes surrounding my relationship with food and exercise. I have transformed my lifestyle and I now feel healthier, fitter, more attractive and more able to deal with the pressures of being a full time working mom of two. He is flexible, punctual and reliable and has fitted in around my busy schedule. He demonstrates a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. I would have no hesitation in recommending John as a personal trainer.

    Rebecca Price, Birmingham

  • I first met John back in high school when he looked very different! We became facebook friends a while back and I noticed how well he looked compared to his school days. His statuses were always very positive and his posts about bootcamp really appealed to me. It looked like loads of fun and everyone who attended seemed to really enjoy it, so I got in touch with him and decided to give it a go. It was more fun than I ever thought! I didn't realise how much I'd love getting a little dirty and fit at the same time! I noticed pretty quickly that I was fitting into my clothes much better and I wasn't feeling as lethargic as previously. After only a couple of months I'd dropped a dress size and never felt better about myself. I really can't rate John's methods and advice highly enough. He always ensured bootcamp was varied and interesting, yet still very effective! He was always very professional and motivating and I could guarantee he would always be there, on time.. Rain or shine, with a smile on his face. The bootcamper's were also very welcoming and I can honestly say I met some amazing people there. I owe a huge thanks to John for all his help and support.

    Clare Hall, Birmingham

  • If you are looking for realistic, sustainable weight-loss - John Hill is the man for you! I have been attending John's outdoor Bootcamp in Queens Park, Harborne for several months as well as having one-to-one personal training sessions with John. Both have been varied and fun with excellent results! I noticed a transformation in my body shape and my fitness levels increased. John is extremely knowledgable with regards to nutrition and dietary advice that is easy to follow. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is one of the most positive people I have ever met! I have noticed a positive change with regards to my approach to food, which in turn has had a positive impact on my family's eating habits. So if you are looking for encouragement and variation when reaching your fitness goals, I could not recommend John more highly

    Rachel Trueman, Birmingham

  • I have never had a personal trainer before but following years of signing up to gyms and various classes, and never going (or finding excuses not to go..too tired, too cold, too hot etc etc) I took the plunge and contacted John, and I'm so glad that I made that call. John is an excellent trainer whose positivity, motivation and understanding of your personal training needs makes sessions interesting, fun and most importantly...they work! Each session is different so you never know what you'll be doing next, boxing one day, kettleball the next, John definitely keeps you on your toes! I highly recommend John to anyone looking to improve their fitness and lose weight!

    Keri Harris , Halesowen

  • I was nearly 14 stones and needed to lose some weight & gain stamina. Not that I was overweight in proportion to my height. I started training with John in his outdoor boot camp in April 2012 with some apprehension. I wasn't fond of exercise and was never any good at it at when I was at school. In less than about 5 months, I have lost nearly 2 stones, look a lot leaner and have increased my stamina! My friends & family who haven't seen me for some time, look at me and say OMG what's up with you, thinking I been suffering from an illness! When I explain to them that I have been attending bootcamp, they are amazed! My body shape has totally changed and I have found an enthusiasm for exercise that I thought I never had! I used to go jogging but as a lot of people know, jogging can be quite boring, so bootcamp is an ideal alternative to pounding the pavement, whilst also getting toned and meeting new people. Attending John's bootcamp helped me to run the Birmingham Half Marathon this year! John is an extremely knowledgeable coach, and knows a lot on exercise & nutrition. He has also become a good friend, and his sessions are fun filled & varied. We do exercises that increase stamina & tone the whole body. One day we could be doing legs, next abs, arms, shoulders etc. John provides kit & refreshments all at his own expense, as well as a great sense of humour! John is always readily available to talk about how to get the best results & what lies we are being fed (no pun intended!) by the big food companies in order to push their products. How much sugar they include, how they extend shelf lives by pumping our food with chemicals etc. Now, when I am unable to attend one of his classes, guilt takes over! My outlook on health & exercise has changed completely for good! I can't recommend John highly enough. So if you want to lose weight, increase stamina, look good and make new friends…John is your man! John also does 1-2-1 sessions for those people that prefer a personal touch. Thanks John!

    Suki Bola, Birmingham

  • I contacted John a year ago when I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child, and explained to him that I wanted to loose my baby weight and some more. After 12 weeks of the birth of my daughter I re-contacted John and went to the free taster session in July. Contacting John Hill at Inspiring Fitness was the best descision I ever made, and I've never looked back since. I've lost 2 stone and dropped a dress size in 8 months. My aim was to maintain and loose weight at a steady pace, and John has helped me achieve that, with his motivational and definately inspiring fitness techniques at Bootcamp. He's taught me how to deal with my food choices and to look beyond what I originally thought was healthy food. The fact that family members are noticing that I have lost weight and toning up makes me feel really good about myself. They ask me how I've done it and I say to them its dowe to the help of John and his Bootcamp sessions. The first reaction is BOOTCAMP! Then I explain to them thats its not as bad as they're imagining it to be.... They should definately try it... As John says... Do What Works! I throughly recommend the services of John Hill.

    Jatinder Ruprai , Birmingham

  • Honestly, I was beginning to believe that I was destined to be fat all my life. I was the heaviest I had ever been and at only 36 had started to alter the way I walked downstairs to accommodate my weight. The day I noticed my stair shuffle mobility issue I went fire engine red even with no one around. I had tried to follow so many peoples advice in the past including running a half marathon and detox diets and come up with nothing all for it except sore knees and a sore hip. Nothing worked and there seemed to be no relationship between commitment and success for me. Soul destroying! A friend introduced me to John’s Six Week Boot Camp Challenge. Being outside is fabulous, especially after being stuck in an office all day. The people are amazing. Everyone supports and encourages each other. John is a great Trainer, a person with boundless energy, stacks of patience and a genuine commitment to helping people reach their goals. John gave me a diet sheet plus a few extra tips on the side. The crucial one for me seems to be no carbs except those that you can obtain through veggies. Three months later and I honestly cannot believe the progress that I have made, how my body has changed and how alive I feel. I sleep better, can enjoy what I eat (seriously it isn’t rabbit food folks) and my knees and hip are so much better for having some of the weight taken off them! The figures speak for themselves, see below! 4.2.13. Waist - 37 ⅛ inches. Hips - 48 ¼ inches. Weight - 13 st 13lbs. 12.5.13. Waist - 34 inches. Hips - 46 ⅛ inches. Weight - 12 st 2lbs. Total loss from waist so far: 3 ⅛ inches. Total loss from hips so far: 2 ⅛ inches. Total loss in weight - 1 stone 11 lbs.

    Jessica Richardson, Birmingham

  • My sister and I began at Inspiring Fitness Bootcamp in April 2012 and despite rain, mud, ice, snow and freezing temperatures are still very much committed to it, 10 months on. Whilst the word 'bootcamp' conjures up images of shouting and strict rules I would urge you to abandon that stereotype. Yes, John is very passionate about educating people on all aspects of health and nutrition but he does in a way that allows you choice. He will not say "no, you can't or don't. What he will say is 'this is how it works, this is what is does and your choices are". For me, to be given the control in what I want to achieve was important. To be told this is how it works and this is why is can work for you was a welcome relief from the 'calories in v's calories out' formula. Depending on what your goal is John can, without doubt, help you achieve it. Most folk want weight loss but if you want to become fitter, leaner, stronger or faster he has strategies for everyone. Bootcamp sessions are hard, they push you, make you swear and ache but it feels great to suddenly realise that you've just done 10 full press up's on your toes without stopping in the pouring rain and freezing cold. To know that you can do it and to be given an environment to keep falling and getting up without any judgement (from John or anyone else in the session) is wonderful. My sister and I have both lost weight and inches and gained strength and knowledge in return. Try a session, the first one is free, and experience it.

    Sharn Kaur , Birmingham

  • I had never had a personal trainer until October 2012 and was unsure of what to expect looking to gain weight and strength. However, after finding the initial training session very strenuous I knew John could help me achieve my goals. John is patient, punctual and has an array of knowledge on strength training. As a result, my weight significantly increased as well as the growth of my arms, shoulders and chest. The eight months spent training with John were a pleasure; providing me with the knowledge to continue my progress on my own and giving me the confidence to go to the gym which I could not have done without his help. I would strongly recommended John anybody looking to achieve their fitness or strength goals.

    Myles Mclean , Birmingham

  • Very positive and also very realistic about timeframes and goals. Great diet advice. I have lost 2 inches from my belly in 3 weeks. I am eating much better now which has helped me stop snacking and eating the rubbish that got me unfit in the first place. The sessions are tailored to your interests and goals. I personally like boxercise and the kettlebell sessions which are varied and challenging. Having known another reviewer for 6 years I can testify that John's advice and training have also had a huge positive impact on him personally.

    Tom Davis, Birmingham

  • Basically - this works! I lost 30 pounds over 3 months using John's advice for a healthy lifestyle, added to regular bootcamp sessions. I found John to be an inspiring instructor, knowledgeable on what works, giving useful practical advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I found adding the bootcamp sessions to my routine to be an enjoyable way of losing weight, and getting fit. Since starting these sessions I have completed the 3 peaks challenge, and my first ever half marathon. If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle, then I can definitely recommend John.

    Adrian Spink, Birmingham

  • I have know John for 20 yrs now (of course i have aged better) and followed his FB page for some time. Some of the fantastic comments he has recieved kept me absorbed in his activities and his obvious mental behaviour. Although i dont use Bootcamp John has sent me his Diet Plan to attempt. I have tried many diets and always fell short of completing them either due to them being boring and tastless or always left feeling hungry. I can honestly say it was brilliant .. i mean who doesnt enjoy Bacon and eggs for breakfast. The diet plan wasn't complicated to follow plus on 2 evenings I didnt eat my evening meal as i was genuinly not hungry. I have lost 6Ib in the period i was taking part and inches from the stomach area which i have always struggled with.

    James Grainger , Birmingham

  • My cousin mentioned John Hill to me and the amazing success she had attending his boot camps. I have ran for many years up to ultra marathon distance but no matter how little and healthily I ate and how much I trained, my body shape and weight never seemed to change which was disheartening. I would then try short term weight loss plans (shakes etc) which worked for a short term but then I found myself back to square one again but a little heavier each time. Two months ago after following and speaking to John on Facebook, I decided to try the No flour, No sugar and No alcohol plan along with starting a completely different exercise program. Exercise was 45 mins of heavy weights x 6 x 3, 5 sessions (mornings) a week and then 2 interval running session (4km max) 2 sessions a week. After 4 weeks I had lost 8 Ibs and 6% body fat and inches off every measurement of my body. I am now eagerly awaiting my 8 week weigh in and measurements,next week :) I am already back into the smallest clothes in my wardrobe and had the nicest feeling last week when I bought a size 8 dress...... I've had a few sneaky weigh ins at home and its looking like I've shed over a stone so far... I am so surprised at how I feel, my skin feels and how difficult it is to feel hungry!!!! I am continuing with the John Hill principles and its working and now I am never going back. Thanks John for all the support from a distance and I promise one day I am going to surprise you and drive from Lincoln to attend your bootcamp. I am now hearing myself speak the John Hill principles to others. Thanks again your a star :)

    Emma Elstone , Lincoln

  • I've just completed a trial programme called the 90 Second Plan. Over 7 days I followed John's eating plan of no sugar, no gluten and I completed the exercise programme daily. The squat jumps were tough but I managed to reduce my time from 02:08 to 01:39 at the end of the week. This really didn't take up very much of my time. I completed it every morning before work. Breakfast was organic porridge with cinnamon which was delicious or a protein shake. Lunch was a salad of spinach, rocket and watercress, peppers, steamed salmon or chicken. Followed by raspberries and Total 0% fat yoghurt. If I felt hungry inbetween I ate brazil or walnuts. Evening meal was Veg and meat. I lost 1.5 ins off my waist and 2Kg in weight - in just a week!!!!!!! I felt great and I managed to ween myself off and out of the habit of having a glass of wine or 2 when getting home from work and then nibbling chocolate while watching tv! I honestly felt great on it. I aim to continue to shift this extra couple of stone and I would highly recommend it. John Hill - he is an amazing guy - so positive and always so encouraging. I've done many many diets and exercise plans over the years and never had these results or felt so good. I have an under active thyroid and I'm on HRT - which in the past have both impacted on my weight loss and prevented me making much difference. I work full time, I'm a Mother and a Grandmother and at aged 50 I want to be healthy and feel good for my age. Thank you John for giving me this wonderful opportunity. If I can do it - so can you!

    Angie B, Stourbridge

  • I joined John's bootcamp in June while I was in training for Tough Mudder (a 12 mile obstacle course). I was looking for something different to re-motivate me, improve my fitness (and especially my upper body strength) and lose a bit of weight. I can honestly say it was the best decision I've made this year. Although I was ok fitness-wise before, this has changed the way that I work out and think about things completely. There's no bulls**t or false promises. It is hard work but it WORKS. The workouts are tough but achievable and fun and make such a difference in a short time. I've lost about 2 inches off my waist and about 10 pounds in weight in total since I started. Most importantly, I finished Tough Mudder and got my orange sweatband! The diet plan works too. John is really knowledgeable about nutrition but he understands humans and the way we crave the bad stuff and the excuses we make. If you slip up on the diet, or don't go to bootcamp for a while, it doesn't matter, it's just about turning back up and doing what works. I followed John's no sugar, no flour diet plan for 1 week and lost 8 pounds! John is an inspiration and the bootcampers community he has built is fantastic - so social, it helps you to keep turning up. There's no judgment or embarrassment about your level of fitness or what you can do - everyone encourages each other and celebrates successes. It's hard to believe, but even when you are covered in mud and grass and it's raining, it's great - a laugh believe it or not and I can't recommend it enough. Last weekend, John hypnotised me to help me quit smoking. I haven't had a cigarette for 5 days. I don't know if it will work long term but it has certainly been much much easier this time round than any of the other times I have tried to quit! This time, it feels like I am in control. So I guess - if you are looking to change your life for the better, lose weight, get fit or give up smoking (or all three) you should get in touch with John. #jftu #dowhatworks

    Charlotte Heap, Birmingham

  • Five of us (my two daughters and their friends), signed up for 6 sessions of John's personal training. He came to us and after establishing what we were aiming for and our fitness levels, he put us through gruelling, yet thoroughly enjoyable work outs. He provided invaluable information re diet and what is needed to maintain change / gain results alongside this input. I can honestly say exercise has never been so much fun! (I have been an extremely reluctant, whingeing gym attendee prior to this!), plus we certainly felt the benefits. Fitness and stamina levels were definitely increased and both my adult daughters report weight loss, evident via looser clothing and flatter stomachs. Going to aim to keep up 90 second work-outs that John showed us to maintain and build upon what we did which makes great utilisation of valuable time. Also re-joining the gym...with a very different attitude to fitness and along with my other half, we are attempting a tee-total period! John is truly inspiring, being hugely motivated and passionate about what he does and what he can achieve for others who are motivated. (Just hearing his own achievements in terms of weight loss and lifestyle change will encourage and stand as testament to what he espouses). Furthermore, he is knowledgeable and tailors his input to individual needs / requirements. We would certainly recommend him as a trainer whether that be at boot camps or on a one to one basis. He's a gem!

    Loraine Hill, Birmingham

  • I contacted John back in June after many months of indecisiveness! I was obese, severely depressed and was recovering from debilitating anxiety. I had only just felt stable enough to start leaving the house again but despite this I turned up to bootcamp, scared as hell, feeling sick from having about 5 panic attacks in the car on the way there! I had no idea back then just what an unbelievable impact this decision would have on my life. John gave me a copy of his diet plan, which is really easy to follow, and gets you AMAZING results (and you can eat a load of bacon, whats not to love?). The most important thing for me was that I never once felt pressurised, John is light hearted and supportive, and encourages you to train within your limitations rather than going crazy and injuring yourself, that's not to say he doesn't crack the whip every now and then when I'm slacking! I couldn't run or anything when I started, now i'm training for a half marathon. I don't think John will ever be beaten in the knowledge stakes either, this man knows some SERIOUS stuff, I often just stand there with my mouth open feeling astounded! For me, the weight loss and fitness is a wonderful side effect of the other areas John has helped me with, he has taught me about life skills, and different ways of thinking. This has helped me to make some pretty huge decisions.I always tell him that he saved my life, because he did. John is the only person that's ever told me to "hold on" and I did, and now I live a completely different, much improved life to the one I was living 5 months ago. The feeling I get being able to walk into a crowded room without having panic attacks is awesome! All I can say is if you want someone genuine, kind and non judgemental then John is the man for you, don't even give it a second thought, just do it, I promise from my heart you wont ever regret it. From the pen of Clairebear :-P starting weight 24/06/2013: 15 stones 4 29/11/2013: 12 stones 0.5

    Claire Keet, Birmingham

  • I have been following John Hill and the success of his clients for a while on Facebook and decided that it was just what myself and my sister needed to get us motivated again. The food list and diet plan is simple and easy to follow and you never feel hungry as you can eat good quantities. Although initially nervous about the training sessions John soon had us feeling at ease and we feel that the core strength exercises that we have been doing have helped us enormously with our distance running. We have reached the targets that we set ourselves within the six weeks and plan to continue at boot camp. John is so knowledgeable and is always full of good advice which especially helps when you are having a difficult week! If you are looking for a life long change of mind set and an effective way to both loose weight and improve fitness then John Hill is your man.....

    Kate Reed, Birmingham

  • I found John via Wowcher and its been the best £18 I've spent for my life and health. I am a qualified gym instructor and experienced gym goer and class goer. I gave John's boot camp a go. I joined with two other friends. One tried his diet and did well so one week in and I gave it a go and have not looked back. I was fit when I was young ie in my teens and 20s. Since August I have lost 33lb of fat, stayed the same chest size and arm size. I need new clothes. I have lost fat as in I was 28 per cent fat at the start and am now 15.4 per cent. I jokingly set myself a target of a sixpack for Christmas. This was a stupid I'll never have one goal. I am nearly there. If you turn up, work hard and follow the eating plan THIS WORKS REALLY WELL. I am as fit now as when I went to Officer Training in the Army at 19 years old and I am 33 now! If doubt, don't, just turn up as this is truly 'Inspiring Fitness'. Oh and you'll make some good friends too as you can't beat forging relationships in the mud and rain doing press ups and burpees!

    Ian Cutler, Birmingham

  • When I was too afraid to find a Bootcamp, John gave me the motivation and support to get off of the sofa. It took a little weight loss to be brave enough to start, but it was the best thing I ever did! The new me, rarely watches any TV at all and enjoys training and cooking from scratch, clean, organic food. I steer clear from food in supermarkets and purchase from all local resources, the best that my purse can afford. I have lost in total 4 stone and 4lb and have recently come out tops in my health check at my local surgery! John's support and encouragement has been paramount to my success and can only say if I can do it, anyone can!!! Good luck and join today, you will not look back!!

    Sharon Long, Norfolk

  • John Hill has been my personal trainer for the past 10 weeks, i was looking for a trainer that could break my bad habits and get me motivated. Were really getting there, i started my journey off at 242lb and my waist at 45inches 10 weeks down the line i weigh 214 and waist at 42inches, couldn't really ask for better results. Having john training me 3 times a week and sticking to the diet works better than i ever expect it really does work. Ive got a few more stone i want too loose knowing with john helping me along the way it will be enjoyable and im looking forward to a better me. Thank you very much john.

    Tom Kearns , Bewdley

  • John listens, takes notice and advises whilst tailoring an exercise programme you can stick to. All of this is achieved in a friendly manner that makes the weekly session fly by.

    Christine , Birmingham